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Introducing Airwatts®: Qi compatible wireless charging redefined.

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Designed With Love.

Airwatts® utilizes expert craftsmanship, enabling busy individuals to live more simply. Less cables, more balance.


We build rugged and reliable products; buy it once, buy it right.


We value functionality, keeping you powered and protected from nightstand to your next adventure.


We are minimalists, always striving to do more, with less.

Wireless Perfection.

The Essential Desk Piece at the Office.

Occupationally Necessary.

Slim & Discrete

Lose the cables and add a subtle touch to your decor.

"It’s like the Apple Watch of wireless chargers."

Aurora Eldridge

It’s hard to imagine a sweeter everyday luxury.

Katherine Wolf

I’m smitten with the Airwatts charger. it’s a fantastic, well-thought-out quality product that looks and works amazing.

Michael H.

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